Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Stress ReductionSorry I've tried as hard as I could not to resort to expletives on this blog. Tried very hard to reign myself in and moderate my language - and been as inoffensive as I could be. But I'm sorely tempted to have a burst of profanity driven by frustration and disbelief.

Why? Well I knew it was too good to be true. You may remember that the vet generously offered to help save me some money by combining my prescriptions into one [here]. Well today was prescription day, so I figured let's go for the big one and get a prescription for 3 months that covers the two medications - Epiphen and KBr for the bargain price of £12. So dad turns up to collect it and they say that'll be £18... same old price!

When queried they said they couldn't do it for the single price, dad must be mistaken. So who saved money here? Not us. The vet now used one piece of paper, not three. The vet signs one signature, not three.


But life goes on. It's summer and that means good times. I prefer it a little cooler so I can laze around outside, but summer means long grass. When dad takes me out in the park it's the highlight of my walk. It's not even close to being in the woods, but it's still great fun.

In the grass
There's two areas in the park where the grass grows long and wild and I just love to go running and hunting in it. I guess it tickles my nose and smells nice because I just bounce around in there snuffling through the long tufts and hopping around like a deer.

If you've seen Jurassic Park and recall the scene with the Raptors in the long grass, then that's all you can see of me when I'm in there. Just the grass parting as I race around having a blast.


  1. w00fs, can u get the meds from 1800petmeds cheaper..or are u in another country..looks like Roxy enjoys her tall grass..

    b safe,

  2. Well Roxy I'm shocked at the profanity but even us girls have to get things off our chests sometimes, especially when it's concerning those naughty naughty vets. I suggest you take the more subtle approach though and when you're at the vets next time you leave them a nice little prezzie. Know what I mean? (And don't tell dad about it - you now how embarassed men get about that sort of thing.)

    Nice piccy too Roxy - you take a good portrait. Wish I could say the same for me but the last time I went for a roll in the grass someone drove a lawnmower over me:)

  3. "can u get the meds from 1800petmeds" no we're in the UK so must use a UK pharmacy. However, I have no issue with the pharmacy. In fact they're really great. Good prices and ship promptly. My frustrations are solely with the vets and the scandalous practice of charging for prescriptions.

  4. That is so messed up. Did you even give them what fer? I would have. Stupid A$$es they are. I can't stand dealing with stupid people.
    Sorry u have to go thru all that, along with the illness.