Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Are Things Never Straight Forward?

I Pity The FoolIt's been a bank holiday weekend so dad's taken me out for plenty of walks in the woods. Mind you I've been that hyperactive a few really long walks have been needed to wear me out a bit.

Dad ordered a repeat prescription from the vet last week. It needed to be a little earlier since the KBr dose has been increase and the current tablets will run out quicker. The vet needs 24 hours to get them ready so after calling nice and early on Tuesday, they'd be ready on Wednesday lunchtime, right? Erm, No. Turns out they wont be ready until after 3:30pm, which means it'll be a push to get the order shipped the same day... I'm beginning to think the vet's trying to make things difficult because we order online.

But then when dad goes to collect the prescription there's a little surprise - or two. The receptionist asks if there's any reason they write out 3 prescriptions each time, KBr and the two sizes of Epiphen. Well no there isn't. I order all of them from the same place. The next sentence you can figure made dad scratch his head quite a bit. "Well next time we'll write just the one prescription then. Which will save you some money."

Huh? Had they misheard me when I asked if they could do this on my first visit, but was told they weren't able to do that? Well dad wasn't going to argue... how very strange.

But surprise number two was almost as funny. Dad reminded them that they had over charged us on the last prescription by £6 and they could use that credit this time. Turns out they'd already used the £6 credit on the last visit! So it went to pay for the Pro-Kolin+ without us knowing.

Well that's just sneaky. So I write how reasonable the cost of £14 was (link here) and then find out it was actually £20. Just bloody typical!

But the upshot is the online drug company played a real blinder. Dad called them up and sent them the prescriptions and they counted, packed and shipped the drugs same day. With first class post they arrived next day. I know I don't use this site for advertising, so just consider this a thank you to Pet Drugs Online.

Looks like dad's going to have to make another call to the vets though. Over the weekend I've developed a worrying shaking of the head. It's like I get a bit starey and rapidly shake my head from side to side a little. Mum calls it "Bobble head" as it's like one of those little toys if they were shaking their head saying "no". It doesn't last long and I usually snap out of it as soon as someone says my name, but it is worrying.

Makes us all think there's more going on in my head than what causes the Epilepsy.

Well next weekend auntie Caz goes over the hill. Apparently she's on the down hill side, so dad says. I think that means she's 40. I know, I know, you're all saying "What, again?" So hopefully the weather will be as good as this weekend - who knows maybe I'll get her to take me to the woods?


  1. Ohhhh ... you better see the vet about bobble head! That sounds serious ... for some reason I can't seem to remember the name for that. Anywoos, we hope you get better Roxy.

    When we saw photo of you sitting the way you do on your blogpage we couldn't help but think that Joe (our resident) Rottie sits in the exact same manner!

    licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  2. My My! Oh how we know that one oh too tell you one thing then they come back at another time and tell you what you wanted in the first place.
    Except, I would not have just scratch my head, I would have said something, but, afterall, I am a has a tendency to speak their minds more often. As men are more passive.
    On another note, I know I asked you before about Feeding Roxy anything with Red Dye right? Red Dye makes our Sarah have Seizures. So we have to watch what we give her. And wheat as well.
    Have a great week

  3. We just haven't been able to find a correlation between food and seizures. We change foods pretty regular.

    Most Roxy will eat tinned meat which doesn't have any colours. It's only recently she's started eating dry foods, and then only when she really feels like it.