Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunny Weekend

Blue bellsWhat a great weekend this has been. The weather has been glorious... right up until today where it's cloudy, grey and showery. Luckily dad took me out to Doggy Disney on the two really nice days this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday we went to the woods and on both days I was in a fine mood. I was back to my old self running off into the trees and bouncing around like a deer.

The woods were beautiful and green. This time of year everything looks so lush and green. The bluebells were carpeting the woods. It's strange how in some places they cover the floor, but in others you see none.

Mud Bath
I managed to find my favourite puddle. It seems always filled with water, but the best bit is the mud at the bottom. Whilst the water is a milky looking brown the mud at the bottom is a thick grey sludge that dad reckons looks just like porridge. Whenever, we walk past this puddle I can't resist and have to go have a lie down in the lovely gooey mess.

I know dad's not that impressed as that means I've got to have a rub down before I get back in the car and have a bath when I get home.

You can be sure that if I get in the car all gloopey I'll have a good shake and spray the inside with clay. Dad thinks I do it on purpose so he has to spend time outside cleaning the car and I can join in having fun with the pressure washer.

Towelling DryIt also means I get to go have a swim before we go back to the car. After all, dad wouldn't want me to get in the car all gloopy with mud. So Now I've guaranteed myself a swim as dad can't say no.


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  1. Just popping over to say hi, and thankyou for your comment over on my blog. My site has now been revamped and your comment is up and it's safe to return! Roxy looks a dream, how i miss my dog!!!