Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Day of Tablets

Daily TabletsFollowing on from my previous post where I mentioned the additional tablets I now take for the Eczema, I thought I'd post something that just shows what it all looks like.

In the picture you'll see just how many tablets I have to take every day. To date it's 15 tablets!

2 x 30mg Epiphen
4 x 60mg Epiphen
4 x 325mg Potassium Bromide
1 x 1000mg Glucosomine
1 x 3000mg Milk Thistle
1 x 227mg Previcox
2 x 5mg Prednidale

On the left is the 7am mornings tablets, middle is the Previcox I take at 5pm dinner time and right is the 7pm evening tablets.

Now if you wanted to give me all those mixed into food it would have to be a Big Mac... or two ;)

1 comment:

  1. Holy cow! Those are A LOT of pills.

    I'm sure a Big Mac or two wouldn't go amiss for poor, little Roxy.