Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Just Do It"

My new "Nike's"As this eczema is still driving me nuts, I'm still mouthing my paws, dad ordered me a pair of doggy boots from eBay. I can't say I'm too impressed with them.

They make me walk around really goofily and mum and dad chuckle. You can hear me coming a mile away as they scuff along the floor.

Dad likes them, as they work. They've been putting them on me mostly at night, so I don't spend all night chomping my toes. Once they are on they stay on. They may twist around but I just leave them alone and ignore them, not even showing any interest in pulling them off.

They're supposed to be able to be used outside and the leather on them probably would survive quite well. But they're definitely not submersible. They'll keep out puddles but not to the depth I'm used to paddling in.

Chicken Wings
Mum went out with the girls last night and left dad to fend for himself. Before she went she put a pizza and some chicken wings into the oven. When they timer went off dad couldn't believe the pile of wings that were in there!

Just as well I was there to help out. Dad wouldn't have gotten through all that on his own... or would he? After all the wings dad didn't bother with the pizza. So I kept on reminding him I was there and could help tidy up, if necessary. When I finally got a piece I ate so carefully, not dropping it onto the floor, just rolling it around in my mouth and giving it a good chew so as not to get any hair on it.

When mum came home and they went up to bed they forgot something... they'd left the pizza on the table. Whoohoo! Party time. It wasn't there in the morning and as I was on guard all night I just said that I hadn't seen anyone, and dad must have eaten it.

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