Friday, May 15, 2009

Cluster Seizures

02:05, 07:10, 10:50, 13:50 Continuing on from yesterdays cluster the seizures are about in line with previous ones in terms of their frequency.

Fortunately dad's got another day off work so he's been around to look after me.

In the car
17:10 I got all excited when dad was working on his car. I had to sit in the boot as that's where I sit when we go out to the woods. As I lay there another seizure hit and before dad could get to me I'd fallen out of the car. I wasn't really hurt, but it gave dad a scare.

23:10 After mum went to bed I was asleep in the kitchen when another seizure struck.


  1. Ouch. You all have had a rough day of it :(

    Hopefully things will improve soon and give everyone a respite!

  2. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about Roxy's troubles.

    My dog Vic is 13 and he also has idiopathic epilepsy and has cluster seizures. It wasn't until he was 12 that he finally had to go on Phenobarbital, but the side effects were so bad (extreme hind leg weakness and being turned into a zombie - apparently we were just unlucky) that we had to take him off it. Since then he has been on natural medicine, which has worked better than Ph did and lengthened the time between seizures. On Ph the time reduced to just 12 days. On the current regime it kept lengthening and is now 27 days.

    We give him Melatonin (they discovered that in fitting dogs there was a lack of this chemical in the brain, which is produced when we sleep - people who work night dhift also have this deficiency). This was suggested to us by a lady who's epileptic dog had his fits reduced on the supplement. I think it applies best to dogs who have their first fit in the early hours. Before the vegetarian supplement (the meat derived one's not meant to be that effective), Vic's most common time for a first fit was 2am.

    He also gets Epitaur - fitting dogs lack certain chemicals in the brain, especially after fits. He's also on Dorwest Herb's Skullcap and Valerian and Milk Thistle (it protects the liver).

    Good luck with Roxy. She is a lovely dog and reminds me so much of my mum and dad's dog Willow who passed over to the other side recently.

    Best Wishes

  3. Thanks for dropping by Jenny.

    Thankfully the Ph and KBr aren't causing any noticeable side effects, never been drowsy at all. In fact we've often wondered if they do anything!

    We do give Milk Thistle to try to counter the liver effects though.

  4. I have a 2 yr old lab. For the first time yesterday she over 7 seizures. This is not the first time for seizures just the first time for more than 2 at a time. She is on Phenobarbital and today they gave her diazapam to try to stop them. I feel like they will not stop. I just need some reasurrance that they will. I can't handle more than 2 within a 24hr period.

  5. I really feel for your pain and it is a very worrying time, but please you're not alone. I truly hope she comes out of it, but your vet will be the best person to advise.

    You can handle it. You just need to be there and take care of her. It's a horrible thing to go through but after a time both you and your dog will get more accustomed to it, and you'll both handle it better.

    There are some useful links on here. Guardian Angels could be of real help. A real nice bunch of people.

    Email me if you'd like bill_bixby [at] mail [dot] com

  6. hi
    i have a 9 month old malamute bitch koodha, she had her first set of cluster fits 6 weeks ago, she was put on epiphen and thought that this maybe working that was until today she has had another bout of at least 10 lasting about 30 seconds we are now going to the vets

  7. With so many the vet is your best source of direct help. It is a worrying time and hope you get through it ok. Might be worth talking to the vet about rectal Valium/Diazepam to help break out of a cluster. That is until you can get to a more stable platform of epiphen/KBr.

    My concern would be the repetition, so to get that broken early would be good.

  8. Hi Roxy

    I'm Bruce a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I am 8 years old and had my first experience of fits a month ago, I had four in 24 hours, I was pretty scared and my family didn't know what to do, they took me to the vets and I am on medication I haven't had a full fit since although I do have the odd spasm, my mum usually cuddles me until it passes, hope you have a better day tomorrow.