Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Wine GumsOn Tuesday dad was lying in bed reading when I heard the rustle of a packet. Being nosy I thought I'd check out what he had as it might be something nice that he'd share with me. Well when I say share, what I actually mean is use as a bribe to be left alone.

Turns out dad had a packet of wine gums. What really surprised him was that I liked the smell. I wouldn't leave him alone until he gave in and let me have one.

I kept putting my paw on the bed. Lying there with my chin on the bed giving him the big sad puppy dog eyes, until I broke him down and he gave me a sweet.

Eventually dad cracked and handed one over, expecting me to drop it on the floor once I found out that it wasn't something I liked. Instead, I LOVED IT! I couldn't get enough. If dad found me annoying before he gave me a sweet, now I was even more so. I went frantic pacing around trying to get his attention before pleading for another.

When bed time came mum kicked me out of the bedroom and relegated me to my bed in the kitchen. But that wasn't the end of it.

Next day whilst everyone was out at work or school, I snuck into the bedroom and found the sweeties. No one would find out surely? I'll just have the one... but then getting the bag open without an opposable thumb isn't easy and it tore open. So rather than leave any evidence I'd better dispose of it all.

Later in the evening mum found the empty torn up packet and put it into the bin. Wayhay! I'd gotten away with it... until dad went to read that night. For some reason he remembered he hadn't eaten them all. BUSTED!

What's Going On Today?

18:10 Dad was on the computer just typing up something for the blog whilst I lay snoozing behind him, having dictated it all to him of course, when I went into a seizure. Apparently it was a full on big scary one that lasted a while. So dad used two of the diazepams on me to see if they'd do any good.

Seems odd that on Monday I have one seizure and then 3 days later another.

22:50 I decided to go downstairs with mum and got a Bonio to chomp. Mid munch I fell into seizure. Looks like the start of a cluster.

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  1. First stealing pizza and now wine gums? Naughty, naughty Roxy!

    Still what's a gal gotta do when there's an MCP in the house?