Monday, May 18, 2009

Spritual Healing

With all the happening over the weekend things haven't really improved a great deal. Following the seizures I've still not fully recovered. It seems the after effects have been somewhat distressing to mum and dad.

There's defiantly some mental impairment going on though. For instance I'm scared of the stairs now. Previously I'd follow dad like a shadow just to be with him, and going up and downstairs was never an issue. It's not like I've even fell down the stairs whilst having a seizure either.

But the worst part, for mum at any rate, is that I'm not letting anyone know when I want to go out to the toilet. Add onto that that I've also got diarrhea at the minute, it means that there's a lot to mop up.

Spiritual Healing
On Sunday dad was just taking me out when Anita's (she's Ian's girlfriend - Ian is dad's brother, and they live next door), well her mum came round to see me. She's a spiritual healer and offered to work her magic on me and see if she could help. Dad's not going to turn away anything that may help. So she came around and did a laying on of hands. I certainly enjoyed the attention, now let's hope it helps out in some way.

I guess dad's a bit of a sceptic. More a case of he believes what can be demonstrated as proof rather than simply accepting things based on another's beliefs. But without wanting to sound hypocritical, nothing else seems to work so far, so what harm can it do?

After consulting with the vet on Monday over the phone dad ordered some probiotic formula to ease up the diarrhea. They also recommended that the potassium bromide be increased to 3 x 325mg twice a day.

Dad reckons it seems a little strange talking with the vet on the phone for free. After all you pay for the consultation and prescription charges and drugs, but talking to them on the phone incurs no cost. I think it would make more sense to pay for any consultation that takes up a vets time and fore go the charges on prescriptions.

At least this time it seems to have been value for money as after paying the £14 for the probiotic formula (Pro-Kolin+), which appears to be a reasonable price, and getting a free phone call, the balance swings our way a little for once.

Purina - Bakers Complete
I've also had to go without dinner or breakfast to try to clear up the diarrhea. But I was so persistent mum buckled under the pressure and gave me a mug of Bakers dog biscuits. I have never eaten dry food, I just don't like it, but I guess if that's all I'm getting I'll eat the lot!

But just to be different it looks like I'm not so fussy with my food now. So mum and dad are going to try me on dried food again, just to see if they can at least use it part of the time.

The vet is also going to discuss my case with a specialist and see if there's anything else that can be recommended. They also spoke about an MRI scan, but mum and dad really can't afford that.

Today's been a bit better. At 5am this morning I still left a puddle in the living room. I did bark to wake dad up... but only to tell him I had already gone, and not before as I should.

I also finally gave in. After dad went back to bed I made several attempts to go upstairs, before I finally picked up the courage to make it to the top! Now I've made it once, getting there and back has become easy again and I'm back to following dad. I hope this is a sign that things are turning around.

Pro-Kolin+ : A highly palatable paste formulation containing beneficial microorganisms, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin, whose absorbent and soothing properties are well known. It soothes the gut lining during periods of diarrhoea and improves the consistency of stools.

PS: Well the eczema seems to have cleared up, yay! Looks like the steroids have done their job, but will I be as muscle bound?


  1. w00fs Roxy, its nice to meeted u, me iz rocky, me iz 3yrs seed on Butchy and Snickers bloggie that u has seizures just readed on me friends Gio and Romeo's bloggie that Gio had more the other nite wishes that old monster wood leave u pups alone...

    b safe,

  2. Hi Roxy! I just came from Snicker & Gio's blog because I heard that you three got attacked by the seizure monster. We are thinking of you all. Please get better soon.

    Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

  3. Hi roxy, my rottweiler Mouse also has epilepsy. when he had skin problems a homeopathic vet suggested putting liquid sulfur in his drinking water, it cleared up the problem within weeks and no nasty steroids.

    Hoping the seizures are less often and less severe

    samantha & Mouse