Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keeping Quiet

Yeah!Well there's only so long I can stay off the blog. I know things have been real quiet on here and that's a sign of good news in a way. I've held off as saying something is bound to be the jinx on it and the Genie will be let out of the bottle. So I'm not saying anything... if you don't understand well, sorry I can't explain ;)

We're off to the woods in a while for my weekly fix of fun and frolics. Dad will no doubt take his new phone which has a much better camera than the old one. The weather's supposed to be getting better, it's a bit overcast, but at least no more rain. We have a puddle in the yard that ducks could swim in.

During the week dad took some photos of me acting the fool in the grass. I really got carried away and dad thought I'd found something really smelly to roll in, but it was just long grass. I thrashed around in it for a few minutes until I was all happy and panting.

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