Saturday, February 28, 2009

Honest Weblog

Honest ScrapOK in response to Sugar Sima's challenge it looks like it's my turn to join previous prestigious winners of the Honest Weblog award. You can imagine the tears of joy in my eyes as I read my acceptance speech and thank everyone who has helped me through the years and made it possible for me to be here on this auspicious day and accept this award with all the gratitude in my heart.

  1. Cold PizzaI'm really well behaved and do what I'm told, but when mum and dad are out of the room I will steal pizza off the lounge table if it's left unguarded.
  2. I love getting gifts. Especially big chewies and bones. Then I can tear them into tiny pieces and stand back and watch the fun as mum and dad walk around the house standing on sharp crumbs in their bare feet.
  3. I am responsible for making the bows on the front of mums new shoes disappear. Even though that case was thrown out through lack of evidence.
  4. When I'm feeling lonely I like to howl like a wolf, which only makes mum laugh as she says I look goofy when doing it. It's quite often I'm not alone and just that everyone else is in another room.
  5. When the post man comes I like to make him think I'm all big and fierce, but if he ever said hello to me I'd probably lick him to death. And as for the little old lady who delivers the free papers... I should be ashamed of myself.
  6. I make as much fuss as possible when taking my daily tablets (twice a day) just so I can get attention for as long as possible. It's not that I don't like the tablets, but I like the game more.
  7. What's that smell?When mum and dad have got guests and are embarrassed by a nasty smell, that's mostly me. But dog food smells so nasty going in, what else can you expect?!
  8. One of my favourite games is to hold as much water in my mouth after drinking and see how much of it I can get on the cleanest person around. Chasing people around with a big slobbery face is almost as much fun.
  9. I usually wait for mum to finish tidying the house before I start scratching and throwing fresh tufts of hair all over the place. Then I'll go outside run around in the dirt before tracking new footprints across the mopped floors.
  10. Finally, I love being a dog! Sleep when I want, dinner prepared for me, all the exercise I want (as long as it doesn't ruin my nap schedule) and heaps of love and attention. What could be better?
So now all I have to do is go find seven other hapless awardees deserving of this prestigious award.

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