Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Morning of Seizures

Today's been as bad as yesterday. Another four seizures.

01:20 Dad had stayed up predicting that I was due a seizure at around 2am. He wasn't wrong.

04:40 Whilst sleeping in the bedroom with mum and dad I woke them up about on schedule for another seizure.

07:20 Mum had just got up to go to work and I went to have a nosey at dad in bed to tell him I was feeling strange again and then went into a seizure.

09:40 Because dad took the day off from work to get his car serviced he took me with him to the garage so we could walk back. On the way back even when dad let me off the lead I walked to heel, which is very unusual, as I like to have a nosey about. Then about halfway home in the middle of a green I stopped all starey then fell into a seizure. Dad had me on the lead and I was confused and uncoordinated for a very long time afterwards.

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