Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blood Test Results

Dad spoke with the vet today and they gave him the results of the blood test. The results show the Phenobarb levels to be with the therapeutic range. But we'll be going to see the vet tomorrow to find out what the actual reading was. It should be between 15 - 45µg/ml.

It's also time to get a repeat prescription for the Epiphen and Previcox. Although the current vet doesn't have experience of Previcox they are willing to maintain the prescription, but have spoken of Rhimadyl (Carprofen) which is one of their preferred products. Unfortunately as the Previcox is working very well and has made such a difference, it's debatable whether I want to change it - even though it is relatively expensive. After reading the wiki and other sites this quote gives me a little cause for concern:

Although most dogs respond well to carprofen, it is capable of causing liver toxicity in some animals, and in the early days of introduction there were significant anecdotal reports of sudden animal deaths arising from its use.
Source: wikipedia

So that's the last thing we want to add. More risk of liver damage when there is already an increased risk caused by the Epiphen. So dad will certainly have to query the vet in more detail about this.

We have to accept the last significant part of the statement, reporting of sudden deaths, as the same has been proven of Previcox. So whilst there is a reluctance to change it is only in regard to the liver damage.

There's also some really good news on the ears. Now the Canaural has run out the problem has gone away. No more head shaking and scratching at my ears. But we've been asked to see the vet just to take a proper look and make sure.

UPDATE: After talking with the vet she suggested that possible liver damage is a risk with all NSAID's even with Previcox.

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