Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Sick

Today I was full of beans when mum and dad got up this morning. After a full day of rest yesterday things were going well.

Then Chris phoned dad at work to tell him I'd been sick and the only things in it were the tablets he'd given me this morning. After the fun and games of the last few days dad told Chris to give me my tablets again.

I managed to keep them down all day but Blaine found I'd been sick again in the afternoon. Nothing in it but bile and I hadn't eaten my breakfast.

Dad came home and I was all skulky and hiding like I'd done something wrong by making a sicky mess. I needn't have worried as dad didn't tell me off, but he did take me outside to give me a bit of a wash around my face and neck as all the slobber from yesterday was getting a bit pongy. When mum got home at 18:30 she made my dinner and I ate it all.

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