Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sutton Park

Sutton Park

Dad took me out in the car today and I got all excited thinking I was off to Doggy Disney. Instead we turned the wrong way and headed out of town for a while along the M6.

When we got there there were loads of people out for walks and many with dogs. It looked just great. Plenty of open fields, woodland and pools. I'll give the pools a miss this time round as they're iced over and there's still plenty of snow on the ground.
There was plenty of parking to be had. We went into the Boldmere Gate entrance and parked up. There was no need of a lead at all. I was straight out of the car and onto the field. There were lots and lots of new places to run and scents to sniff. What a great outing.
As we entered the field the only frustration seems to be that many of the dog owner who go there must just let their dogs foul and not clean up after them. I've not seen such a lot of dog mess in such a space. Especially when there are dog bins at hand.
We'll definitely be going back again. It's only a half hour trek and the traffic and roads seem fine, even with the roadworks on the M6.

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