Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Blood Test

Roxy the Snow PloughWent to see the doctor again today. After the past 24 hours it seems a coincidence that I already have a blood test scheduled for 11:00.

I went with dad to work today, but what a day it turned out to be. At home there was a little snow, but at work the streets were coated with 2-5 inches of snow. A real rarity from all accounts - unheard of for 126 years - Oh, that's only 18 human years. Because of all the snow and the slippery roads, instead of 45 minutes to get to work it took twice that long.

I had great fun though. Dad took me round the park in the snow and made the most of it, pretending I was a snow plough and scooping it into my mouth.

After playing around we then went to the doctor. We saw a new lady who was very friendly and spoke at length with dad about what had been going on over the past few days and from the beginning.

After dad explained the frequency of the seizures the doctor decided that we need to add Potassium Bromide (KBr) to the medication. The Bromide doesn't have an impact on the liver but is not effective on its own so will be brought in to support the Epiphen. So along with the 2 x 120mg of Epiphen, I'll be taking 2 x 325mg of Potassium Bromide. We'll need to go back for a blood test in another 3-4 weeks to make sure the dosage is right.

The new doctor was a little uncertain of me and called for some backup to restrain me whilst she took some blood from my neck. She didn't have to bother as I sat there good as gold without a flinch or whimper as she drew the blood.

Dad asked her to checkout my ears as they really have been irritating me still. The left one in particular. After taking a look she prescribed some anti-biotics to try to clear up and infection that is in "both" ears - although more noticeable in the left.

So now we also have a bottle of Canaural (25ml) to be administered twice a day. So now we have a regime of mornings, 2 x Epiphen + 2 x Bromide + 1 x Glucosamine + Canaural, dinner time 1 x Previcox + Canaural, then evenings 2 x Epiphen + 2 x Bromide + 1 x Milk Thistle!!! Oh, and continue with the every other day ear cleaning.

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  1. Hi Roxie,
    So what is it with you dogs and scooping up snow? My dog does that too. Sorry to hear that you are have an abundance of seizures lately. Keep playing!