Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!

We ran out of Epiphen yesterday as the prescription was delayed in arriving and then was not received properly to allow the pharmacy to ship the drugs on time.

11:00 The outcome was almost guaranteed and today I started having seizures. Luckily the kids were off school and Chris was around when I had the first one. It was the usual full on seizure whilst I was asleep in bed.

15:00 Later in the afternoon Blaine was around to see me have another full seizure whilst in bed again.

I'm so annoyed at myself for letting it come to this. There was a miscount on the tablets and what with changing the dose I didn't leave enough of a buffer between getting the prescription, ordering and delivery.

It was such a frustration arranging with the vet for the prescription, to be told I couldn't collect it the same day. This pushed it to Friday and that meant my order wouldn't be shipped until Monday.

Then to have the pharmacy call to say they hadn't received one of the prescriptions, well that was it. Another day later.

Only myself to blame I guess. I must make sure I don't let this happen next time, as now we're not going to be sure if the additional dosage or the KBr are working.

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