Sunday, February 1, 2009

Start of a Cluster?

20:00 Almost to the schedule another seizure started 5 hours after the last. The pattern seems to be 4-5 hours between them when they start.

Dad decided to try out the Diazepam to see if it would break the cycle and to learn just what to expect when administered. Not having done it before means finding the right spot isn't as easy as you'd think.

Afterwards it seems like it just really calms me down. Doesn't exactly make me sleepy just slows things up. It also seems to have a strange smell that lingers.

This evening I get to sleep in the bedroom just so if another happens dad can be ready for it.

01:30 (Monday) Almost predictable now. I woke mum and dad with a seizure early in the morning. After that dad left me downstairs to sleep - but being restless I had to come upstairs and sleep on the bedroom floor.

Now it may have been the effect of the Diazepam but I couldn't sleep and was very restless. Getting up moving, lying down... getting up etc. Eventually dad took me downstairs where I polished of another half tin of food before finally going to sleep in my own bed.

Dad didn't do so well though. He ended up sleeping on the sofa to keep an eye on me, and I didn't move at all until...

07:00 Dad was upstairs in the bathroom getting ready for work when I had another seizure. I'm sure we must have both looked an odd couple me with my mouth all foaming from slobber and dad with his face all covered in shaving foam!

Well today I'm due at the doctors again for a blood test so let's see what they have to say.

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