Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Seizures Continue

This has been another day and night of seizures. Dad says they are a little different from the previous ones. Just as bad but different. Afterwards I no longer pace about bumping into things. Instead I lie there hyperventilating and unresponsive for about 60 seconds. Then when I come out of that I still want food and the toilet.

19:20 I was upstairs lying behind Dad when his alarm went off to tell him it was time for my pills. Whilst he was downstairs getting them I started fitting - the schedule appears very predictable now. In an effort to try to break the cycle dad used one of Diazepams, but I doubt it worked as I immediately had to empty my bowels and dad caught it just in time in the bin.

10:30 I was l downstairs lying behind the sofa whilst mum and dad watched the new series of Minder on telly (Apparently it's not so good without Arthur and Terry, whoever they are). Then all the usual process chomping and paddling started.

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