Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Seizure

21:00 Mum and dad had just finished supper and were watching TV and I was lying behind the sofa when I started fitting. Dad wanted to try to stop me going into another cluster so soon so he used some of the Diazepam on me.

I got to stay upstairs in the bedroom all night and it past without further seizure. I did misbehave though. I found a carrier bag with something in, and I just can't resist investigating. So I spent a while rustling it until dad woke up and put it out of my way.

Then I found some paper I thought I'd tear up and again dad woke up and put it out of reach. So I thought this was a good game so them I started gnawing on the laundry basket until dad got up again.

I'm hoping this seizure may be related to me getting sick and throwing up my tablets. Maybe I no longer had enough in my bloodstream to hold off the seizure.

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  1. Woof! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you are feeling better ... controlling/minimizing your seizures. Take Care! Woof! Sugar