Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time for a Bath

Well dad took me to go see the vet yesterday to check my ears are getting better. Unfortunately it looks like the infection is still there, although it's not irritating me at all anymore. So the vet signed me up for some more Canaural so we can continue to see the infection get finished off. I don't really want it to recur.

The new vet cleaned my ears for me whilst there and I demonstrated I was good as gold and moaned in pleasure as she did it.

The visit to the vet meant I got to go into work with dad again. He had some visitors so left me by his desk whilst he spoke with them. I just slept and waited until he was finished. The visitors thought there was something wrong with me. They thought there must be something wrong for a big bad Rottie like me to just lie there watching them.

Power washer
Today dad decided it was time I had a bath. I know it's cold out so dad's been putting it off. But today he washed the car and thought he'd do the same with me.

Now I'm not a big fan of the garden hose. I'll stand still and let dad wash me with it, but I'm definitely not all that happy about it.

But the pressure washer is a different thing all together! I love to be sprayed with it. Dad takes care to make sure it's far enough away to not blow my skin off. The mist is great fun though and I end up soaking wet. Then dad rubs me all over with shampoo before another game of pressure washer.

It's all good fun getting bathed. Afterwards there's the rough towelling down which makes me all giddy with excitement and then indoors for more towelling and then the hair dryer. I just love all the attention I get to get dried off and brushed.

I'd happily have a bath everyday - but I'm just concerned about dads hands getting all frozen in this very wintery cold weather we have right now.

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