Saturday, February 7, 2009


SnowThis week has been a full week of snowy weather. Most unusual for England. It caused chaos on the roads and schools all over were closed. But I didn't care! It meant dad stayed home from work and I could bug him all day, every day to take me out in the snow.

We went out on Tuesday and thankfully no more seizures in the snow, just a great time acting like a new born lamb, bouncing around and eating snow.

Dad's been cleaning my ears regularly and putting in the Canaural drops twice a day and it really seems to be working wonders. No more incessant head shaking and scratching at my ears. The drops do seem to have made the fur around my ears greasy and stand up, but it's a small price to pay for stopping the irritation.

We ran into a Collie we'd met a long time ago whilst out and his dad said how I'd filled out and gotten much bigger. I got weighed at the vets the other day and I'm up to nearly 45kg (99lb). It's the biggest I've ever been. I put it down to the medicine giving me an appetite. Mum and dad have to keep an eye on me more these days as I'm sneaking food when they leave anything around.

Even when dad did go into work on Friday he took me with him - so that's twice in one week. I just love going to work and being with all those people and getting all that attention. When a visitor came in and saw me there with dad they were more than a little surprised to find a friendly Rottweiler just laying there watching what was going on. I think they expected me to chase them out of the building!

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