Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meeting New Friends

Playing Crocodiles
We had a GRRRRRReat day today! I didn't think this weekend could get any better. Dad took me to Doggy Disney yesterday and we had a great time. But today we went back to Sutton Park in Birmingham.

We met up with a group of dogs from Dogsey dot com, who go there regular for walkies. They brought their people with them too and we all went and had a great long walk all around the park for about 3 1/2 hours! My legs are aching now, but it was well worth it for all the fun.

There were lots of Collies and a German Shepherd pup and they were all so friendly and great fun. I'm not really good at mixing with other people and dogs, I'm a bit of a loner - not that I'm any trouble I just do my own thing after I've said hello. But the longer we walked the more I opened up and had great fun with the kids.

There were so many other dogs with their people out today, we were bumping into people every five minutes. Most of them friendly and welcoming of a pack of dogs, some a little shy of us all.

I even decided to join in the swimming! We found a lake and the kids were throwing sticks for the other dogs to fetch, so I joined in. I surprised dad, not by fetching a stick, I was far too slow to keep up with the Collies, but in that I didn't just paddle I went right in for a good old swim! Feet not touching the bottom at all. It was great.

It was just as well we found a lake because I needed a bath after finding several really dirty puddles to play "crocodiles" in.

We'll definitely have to do it again... once my legs recover.


  1. eewwwww! that looks so gross. I get all freaked out when our dogs get grass on alone mud

  2. y show the air head being a tart again u no that she all ways AND I MEAN ALWAYS wants a fuss