Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Weather - At Last!

Finally we're having some good weather. Over the weekend it was nice and sunny all day Saturday and Sunday. This meant that when dad took me to Doggy Disney on Sunday I was able to play in all the muddy puddles and even go paddle in the ponds.

Having seen that I can swim when I want to, dad decided to test it out a bit more by having me fetch a stick from the big pond in the woods. It was great fun, getting all wet and swimming around until I was tired. It's just a shame the water's so muddy and smelly, which means dad has to hose me down when we get home. Still I like the towelling down afterwards so it's not so bad.

Mum's Ka
Today I got to go out in mum's car! This is a very, very rare event as it's not really big enough. I even have to get in the "people" door as there's no way I'd fit in the tiny little space in the back.

Mum went to get car MOT'ed so she thought she'd take me along so we could walk back, like dad does. Only this time I'm not due a seizure... just yet anyhow.

Mum gave dad some profiteroles for pudding tonight and he let me have one with no chocolate on. Hmm, that white creamy filling is delicious. I was a bit thirsty after so dad put some water in the bowl for me and mum started shouting 'cos she thought I was drinking from the toilet again. As if I'd do such a thing!


Despite the good weather mum still wouldn't let dad fire up the barbeque. For dad anything that is not classified as a tropical storm is barbeque weather.

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