Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blaine's First Walk

I got to take Blaine out for a walk today for the first time. He's not been allowed to go out with me on his own as he's only 13, and I think mum and dad are worried I might lose him.

Shouting Man
After all I'm a big scary Rottweiler and I know some people are scared of dogs my size and breed, but I'm so well behaved I'll make sure Blaine's okay and take him back in one piece. On the way out there was one idiot who shouted "Keep the f&%*ing dog away from me", when I wasn't anywhere near - and wasn't even showing any interest in them!

Whilst in the park some friendly dogs came over to say hello. There was about five of them all off their leads. Thankfully their owner wasn't at all concerned and I got to say hello properly.

I'm sure now I've shown I can be trusted with Blaine I'll be allowed to take him out again. I made sure he was always on the other end of the lead so he couldn't go far anyhow.

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