Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Doing Nothing

Land of OzI had a great week last week. Mum and dad both had time off work so I got spoiled all week. Dad didn't know where to take me for a walk each day! So we've been all over the place.

Just had a thought. I'd better say hello to Grandma and Dave, they're in Australia and according to the site stats it looks like they're keeping tabs on me.

Dad's getting a bit twitchy as the timetable for seizures looks like I should be due another series very soon. Hopefully the latest medication, and the fact that we haven't missed any means we're gonna get away with it for a lot longer. But you can be sure because I've put it in writing it will be the kiss of death and the seizures will arrive.

UPDATE: I don't think I needed a crystal ball for this but an hour and a half later...

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