Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Night

Well with the previous days seizures having some strange spacing, not the usual 4-5 hour interval, we thought it was all over. Turns out that wasn't quite right.

During the evening I was still spaced out and sleepy from all the prior seizures. So I really didn't want to do much but laze around and recuperate. But when it came to bedtime I just couldn't get comfortable. I continually got up and moved around in the bedroom, finding a more comfortable spot. Then I sat panting heavily until I was forced to move again.

02:45 Just as I was going off to sleep, and I'm sure mum and dad were about to drop off, I started fitting again. Same as before with the lethargy afterwards, but then wanting some food. Dad took me downstairs and gave me half a tin of food.

Sooo sleeeepy
Then it was up and down the stairs as I kept not so subtly waking dad by licking his ears, wanting to go out but not wanting to go out. Completely indecisive. I then wouldn't leave dad alone until he fussed me or rubbed and massaged my stomach, quite literally all night! When he stopped I'd start finding hard noisy things like the steel bed frame, chair or table to rattle and gnaw my teeth on until dad was fed up with the noise and got up and fussed me some more.

I don't think dad looked too sharp when his alarm went of at 6am - not that I'd know because by then I was sound asleep. Still I woke mum and got her to make my breakfast - there's no lying in when I get hungry.

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