Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Day at Work

Dad made an appointment at the vets so they could repeat my prescription and checkout my ears. We should have gone back about my ears a few weeks ago but as they were no longer giving me any trouble since the medication had run out it's just a problem of getting the time to do it. With dad being off work last week it seemed a waste to drive the 70 miles into Loughborough and back just to get my ears checked.

So today I got to go into work with dad again! Dad even took in my new squeaky ball so I'd have something to do, even if it drove everyone mad with all the noise.

Prescription Drugs
As it was market day in Loughborough, at lunchtime dad even picked me up a couple of bones from one of the pet stalls there. I made a bit of a mess in the office though, so hopefully the cleaners will forgive me.

The vet checked out my ears and gave me the all clear as far as infection goes. But there's still some wax that'll need sorting by giving my ears a good clean twice a week. As I'm not at all bothered by this any more, in fact being an attention seeker I kind of  like it.

After talking about my latest cluster the vet suggests we raise the dosage of the Epiphen to 150mg twice a day, from 120mg. The Potassium Bromide stays the same. So the vet drew up prescriptions for the Epiphen that includes additional 30mg (tiny tablets) so we don't have to worry about splitting them anymore.

I have to go back in a month for yet another blood test - this time to check the Potassium Bromide levels. The Epiphen levels should be fine as the dosage isn't significantly increased and the last test was considered on the lower end of the therapeutic range.

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