Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend from Hell

This weekend saw a really big long lasting a frequent cluster. Things actually started a couple of weeks ago. I had a single seizure and bounced back like nothing happened twice with a week in between each. There were also the occasional chompies which we thought we'd seen the back of. We thought it was the impending sign of a cluster and sure enough last Thursday evening it started.

Around every 4 hours through Friday they kept coming and then on Saturday it got worse to about every 2 hours and Sunday even worse, almost every hour. The only break I got seemed to be between midnight and 5am - which was the only time dad got any sleep.

With everyone out at work and college today I pretty much stabilised but there was no way I was getting up onto my feet. When Blaine got in there was plenty of mopping up to do as I just went to the toilet where I lay feeling sorry for myself.

Dad went to the vet to get some 10mg Diazepam tablets to see if this could help break the cluster. When he got in tonight he made sure I got up and got mobile. I walked like I was on ice for a while and out in the garden got a good hosing down in the sun to get me smelling nice again.

I was starving hungry and ate my dinner and went through a couple of bowls of water, and still looking for food now.

So now I'm up on my feet we've yet to see the Diazepam kick in and then no doubt I'll be super sleepy. Let's hope the seizures are done for this round. It's been a bad one.

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