Monday, December 17, 2012

Been a Long Time Coming

Just over a week ago I surprised everyone by having a seizure. Well that in itself isn't a surprise. The unusual thing was that it was a one off. So we were puzzled and waited for the rest of the cluster to catch up as it always does.

A week went by and nothing! Dad even went away to a concert (Excellent Concert - Stone Sour at O2 Academy Brixton) which is usually a sign that he's off work and it's time for the cluster to come out.

Well today it's caught up with me. Mum was off work today and spent the day cleaning. So that's the cue for slobber and pee everywhere and the seizure monster gets released. I guess at least it's before Christmas so we might stand a chance of it all being done with long before the holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Hi roxy. Time for me to pass on some bad news im afraid.
    Max my 12 yr old rottie who like you was having seizures for the last year sadly passed away on 30th november.
    He fought what life gave him.
    He was blind and had a tumour causing his seuzures.
    Max fought those illnesses and they dud not beat him. Unfortunatley max developed a life threatening problem called bloat.
    We rushed him to the vets but he was ti weak to operate so he had to go to sleep. I miss him so much.

    Whst I am saying is max beat his seizures.
    You can to.
    Be strong.

  2. Sad news :( 12 is a good innings for a rottie though and whilst their time is short it's packed with rewards. A few times we've thought we're at that stage only to have it rebound at the eleventh hour. But we know when the time comes it's going to be very hard times - so can only imagine your loss.