Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back to the Vet

After the vet phoned dad with the results of the blood test - no big surprises, the KBr and Epiphen levels are well within the therapeutic range. The vet also said she was reluctant to increase my dosage on either drug as I'm taking a relatively high dose already. The risk is we then start getting negative side affects that outweigh the required effects of the drugs anyhow.

So the outcome was another blood test. This time a more general set of test to investigate liver and kidney function. Just to be sure that they are metabolising the drugs properly to make sure that even though the drugs are in my blood that my body is making proper use of them. As the vet is otherwise at a loss as to why the drugs aren't as effective in seizure control as she thinks they should be.

So we got there in plenty of time even though dad left late. When we saw the vet it was the same routine. They took me away from dad and off into a back room to take the blood. They had some trouble getting enough as they wanted quite a bit for these tests. So they took some from my neck too. So I have a nice bandage on my leg for an hour and a shaved part on my neck.

I'm sure dad wonders why they take me out the back to take blood, maybe he thinks they're vampires?

Edit: Here's what they shaved on my neck!

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  1. Hello again Roxy. Its those visits to the vet that are the crucial is it under control,are we heading in the right direction and your quality of life. For you it is still looking very very good and I am glad you are doing well.
    As I said before my name is Max and I am a lot older than you and I am very well loved and looked after but my quality of life as deteriated very quickly in 6 weeks.
    I have been given a 5 day prednisilone course to try and releive the pressure but it doesn't look good. I will be very sad to go and my mum and dad will miss me very much indeed as I have been their little boy for nearly 12 years. I hope I will be okay.
    You keep fighting and win Roxy.