Monday, April 16, 2012

Stealthy Wonkiness

Mum and dad woke up to a puddle of pee and slobber on Saturday morning and were puzzled as neither had heard me go off into a seizure. I've been long overdue though so it wouldn't be a surprise, but the strange thing is they didn't see any of my usual after affects of being a bit timid or slow. All looked normal.

That was until Sunday after I'd had my nice Sunday lunch and Grandma and David were about to come around. Off I went into a big slobbery seizure.

Since then I've managed quite a few more, all the typical seizure symptoms, thrashing and chomping, but afterwards I've been happy enough to just relax and go to sleep. I woke dad every couple of hours last night and at least afterwards I'd go back off to sleep.

I notice we didn't document the last round of seizures from around February. Those were hard work. After the thrashing and chomping I just wanted up and off. Trying to get up and run full speed anywhere. Took mum and dad all their efforts to pin me down to stop me hurting myself. This time at least that part was gone.

During the last round that went on for almost a week, although not as frequent, I'd also gone back to being scared of the stairs. It took a good week or so before I was brave enough to go up them again. That's usually a very good sign, it means I'm getting back to myself. After the seizures I'm pretty drained and want to mope around for a bit. Going upstairs usually means I'm over it. The strange thing about that is during this round of seizures going up and down stairs isn't a problem. A bit of a sleep and I'm ready for the stairs and back to myself. You just never can tell what the seizures are going to be like.

Also relegated to the past is the "Tabasco moment". We used to be able to tell when the seizures were coming as I'd do a few tongue smacks and chompies as if I'd got something hot on my tongue. We haven't seen one of those for a long time.


  1. Hello roxy my name is max. I have been reading your page for a few months now and you are a very brave special girl. I, like you am a rottie. I am male and have just turned 99. I had a sister called booboo but she sadly died of parvo 3 years ago. About a year ago I lost the sight in my right eye followed by the loss of sight in my left eye the end of last year. This year I started having seizures just like you. My vet as put me on pheno as you are. My first set was very scary and I just wanted to sleep. I was prescribed 60mg twice daily. After 2 weeks I was put down to 30mg morning and 60mg evenings. After 9 days my seizures returned so my media were put back up to 60mg all round. Those first few days looked like my time was over but I pulled through. My mom and dad are looking after me as I get better. I'm an old boy now but I plan on going on for a lot longer yet even with my blindness and epilepsy. We can do this so hang on in there. We are special. Keep barking roxy.

  2. I just wanted you to know that Foster had to be put to rest this morning due to a cascading series of cluster seizures which he couldn't recover from. He was suffering but is at peace now. Best of luck Roxy...keep fighting!!!!

  3. I'm sorry I haven't been around here much. That's such sad news about Foster. It's a tough call you've had to make. I feel for you and know he must be missed.